EGGS Your Way

Fried/Scrambled/Omelette (Masala | Plain) Served with house potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, multigrain toast

Egg Bhurji Toast

Desi scrambled eggs, served on buttered toast

Egg Chilli Cheese Toast

Green chilli spiced half fried egg topped with cheese, served with toasted bread

Egg Pakora

Crisp masala egg fritters


Crispy Noodle Salad

Crisp fried noodles with hot garlic dressing

Caesar Salad

The famous one with our additions - croutons, Parmesan cheese and house Caesar dressing (VEG / NON-VEG)

Fresh Green Salad

Freshly cut vegetables with vinaigrette


Tomato Basil Shorba

Spiced tomato soup flavoured with basil

Ajwaini Murgh Yakhni

Tender chicken simmered in carom flavoured Kashmiri broth

Sweet Corn Soup


Tom Yum Soup

(VEG/ CHICKEN/ PRAWNS) The famous tangy Thai soup with lemongrass and lemon juice

Tomato Pepper Rasam

(VEG/ NON-VEG) South Indian style tangy tomato and pepper flavoured broth

Manchow Soup


Mulligatawny Soup

(VEG / NON-VEG) An Indo-English soup made with pulses and curry powder

Mutton Paya Shorba

Lamb trotters in a flavourful broth


Stuffed Mushroom Chimichurri

Mushrooms grilled on skewers, with Chimichurri sauce

Texas Style Dry Rub Chicken Wings
Chimichurri Prawns

Prawns grilled on skewers, with Chimichurri sauce

Corn and Cheese Balls

With Thousand Island sauce

Meatball Marinara

Lamb dumplings in spicy sauce

Tapas are hot or cold snacks, canapes, or small plates that originated in Spain. But many people don't realize that Tapas come in many different forms and can vary greatly throughout Spain - even from town to town!


Crisp Vegetable Salt n Pepper
Golden-fried Baby Corn

With Sichuan Sauce

Thread Paneer

Cottage cheese marinated in Sichuan sauce, wrapped in noodles and fried

Crispy Prawns

Thread style/Pepper-salt/Five Spice/Butter-garlic

Crispy Corn Five Spice
Chicken Chilli
Thai Chin Chicken

Diced chicken tossed with pepper and dark soy

Sichuan Water Chestnuts
Paneer Chilli
Mala Prawns

Chinese style stir-fried prawns tossed in Mala sauce

Basil Pepper Mushroom
Kung Pao Potatoes

Potatoes tossed with roasted peanuts and dark soy

Soy Drums of Heaven

Chicken lollipops in garlic-soy sauce

Kung Pao Chicken

Chicken cubes tossed with salted peanuts and dark soy


Premium Cut Fries with 5 Dips
Nachos with Salsa and Sour Cream
Mini Naan with Dips

Naan - Chilli/Cheese and Garlic/Zatarand Pinenut

Dakshin Chicken Popcorn

South Indian style chicken popcorn

Amritsari Fish Fingers

Spiced batter fried fish served with mint mayo

Jalapeno Poppers

Spicy cheese chillies

Hummus with Pita

Creamy chickpea mixture flavoured witholive oil and tahini

Chicken 65

Crisp chicken cubes tossed with Kashmiri chillies, curry leaves and fennel

BBQ Chicken Wings

In smoky sauce

Achari Paneer Tacos

Pickled cottage cheese on tacos, baked


Paneer Tikka
Paneer Pudina Tikka
Cheese Chilli Aloo

Baby potatoes in white marinade, cooked in tandoor and finished with cheese, peppers, chilli flakes

Mutton Gilafi Kabab

Mutton seekh coated with bell pepper brunoise

Nimbu ka Jheenga

Lemon scented white tandoori prawns

Angara Lal Mirch Tikka
Lasooni Dudhiya Murgh Tikka

Garlic flavoured tender chickenn cooked in tandoor

Reshmi Paneer Tikka
Achari Paneer Tikka
Tandoori Chicken (HALF/FULL)
Kalimirch Fish Tikka
Tandoor ke Phool

Broccoli and cauliflower florets in creamy mustard marinade, cooked in tandoor

Sichuan Chicken Tikka


Cheese Grilled Sandwich
Tandoori Paneer Pita
Chicken Salt-Pepper Bao

Bao buns stuffed with Chinese style chicken

Cottage Cheese Burnt Chilli Bao
Chicken Grilled Sandwich
Chicken Tikka Pita

Chicken tikka, lettuce and garlic sauce Stuffed in pita bread

BBQ Vegetable Bao

Tapas are hot or cold snacks, canapes, or small plates that originated in Spain. But many people don't realize that Tapas come in many different forms and can vary greatly throughout Spain - even from town to town!


Thin Crust Margherita Pizza

VEG : Mushroom, Onion, Olive, Pineapple, Bell Pepper, Spinach, Paneer, Jalapeno, Extra cheese NON-VEG : BBQ Chicken

BBQ Paneer Pizza
BBQ Chicken
Vegetable Farm Pizza
Chicken Tikka Masala Naan-Za
Paneer Tikka Masala Naan-Za


Tomato Basil

Penne pasta tossed with garlic, tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella

Four Cheese

Penne pasta, mushrooms, basil in Marinara sauce with mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and Romano cheese

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti, homemade lamb meatballs, and parmesan in house tomato-basil sauce

Fettuccini Alfredo

Fettuccini pasta and assorted vegetables in rich creamy parmesan sauce

Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta

Honey glazed chicken, penne pasta, asparagus, peppers and peas in spicy Chipotle cream sauce


Paneer Tikka Masala + Butter Naan
Ludhiana Dal Makhni + Lachcha Paratha
Biryani + Raita + Kachumber + Papad


Rajma Masala + Jeera Pulao
Chicken Tikka Masala + Butter Naan


Thai Curry + Jasmine Rice


Fried Rice with Burnt

Garlic Sauce

Hakka Noodles with Hot

Garlic Sauce

Khao Swe

Burmese curry served with noodles and condiments



Veg patty with onion, tomato, mushroom, molten cheese and secret sauce


Chicken char-broiled and slathered with molten cheddar, secret sauce


Lamb Goulash with Herb Pilaf

Served with sauteed vegetables, burnt garlic and mashed potatoes

Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushroom in creamy sauce, served with herbed rice

Grilled Chicken Breast

Served with Roasted Garlic Sauce and mushroom-pepper sauce and cheese mash


Caramel Kulfi

Topped with crunchy dry fruit chikki

Brownie Fudge

Served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

Filter Coffee and Date Jamun

Gulab jamun stuffed with date and nuts, soaked in filter coffee flavoured syrup

Bowl of Ice Cream

Crisp fried wonton sheets topped with honey and seasame seeds, served with vanilla ice cream

Shahi Tukda

Served with orange rabdi


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81 Restaurants

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